It’s The Greatest Game There Is…

Hardy Greaves, photo curtesy of Dreamworks


“The greatest game there is. Ask anybody. It’s fun, it’s hard…and you stand on the green grass and it’s just you and the ball. There ain’t nobody to beat up on but yourself…It’s the only game you can call a penalty on yourself. If you’re honest, which most people are. There just ain’t no other game like it.”


Starting off a new blog isn’t easy, so I went with a tried and true tactic of using a sappy movie quote to do the talking for me (you’ll find that I make a lot of very random and specific pop culture references, so just stick with me). This particular quote is the best quote I know about the game of golf and it comes from one of the most underrated movies of all time, The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Hardy’s quote does capture the essence of what is so great about the game of golf, namely, that there is nobody in the world you can blame poor play on but yourself (unless you are Rory Sabattini, who has been known to blame Ben Crane a few times for slow play).

Or maybe his interesting getup

But seriously, golf is a sport of solitude; success and failure depends on your ability to navigate the mental and physical pitfalls over 18 holes and four hours (or more…). This is what makes the sport so unique, and so darn frustrating.

Story time: I was one-under par through 13 holes of the Delaware (Ohio) County Cup my senior year of high school, and several parents ended up following my group into the clubhouse. I had never shot under par (still haven’t actually), and the pressure was too much. To make a long story short, I threw up all over myself and made a few triple bogies coming in to shoot 77 and finish 3rd. I still have nightmares about that one. The point of that story (aside from giving an embarrassing story to ease the tension) is to show how fragile a round of golf is and how easy it is to screw up a round because of a malfunction in the six inches between your ears. A certain feline-inspired golfer has been struggling with just that recently…

The mental challenge and the accuracy golf requires is what drives me (no pun intended) to pursue the game. I follow it religiously, and hopefully can provide some insight from a unique point of view.

I will discuss professional golf, women’s professional golf, amateur golf, recreational golf and probably even miniature golf in this blog. So strap in and stay tuned.


Next time on Just Tap It In: Should Tiger Woods be on the President’s Cup Team?


About alexurbansports

My name is Alex Urban and I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia in Public Relations. I have a passion for sports, especially golf. I have an extensive communication background, and currently write for and the Red and Black paper at UGA.
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One Response to It’s The Greatest Game There Is…

  1. michael crofut says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting this young man at Golf crest c.c. this past weekend, and he is a very bright young man with a passion for golf. Im sure we’ll be hearing a lot from him win he makes it up the “ranks”. Untill then , alex can you please start pulling the banners out of the ground. lol

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